Russia: Sakhalin Energy Hires Vidar Viking AHTS

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Viking Supply Ships AS daughter company Trans Viking Icebreaking & Offshore AS (“TVIO”) has agreed to an addendum to the charter party with the Swedish Maritime Administration (“SMA”) which gives TVIO an option to end the contract for Vidar Viking, one of the Company’s three Icebreakers/AHTS-vessels, for the upcoming season in 2012 and for the remaining seasons of the contract.

SMA has also agreed to give TVIO the right to cancel the agreement for the option periods from 2015 and onwards for one of the Icebreaking vessels. At the release, TVIO will repay the prepaid charter hire for the relevant season(s).

TVIO has subsequently executed this option and entered into a contract regarding icebreaking services with the Estonian Maritime Administration for the season 2012 for Vidar Viking.

Further, TVIO has agreed to enter into a contract with Sakhalin Energy Investment Company Ltd. (“Sakhalin Energy”) for a period of 2.5 years with additional option(s) to extend the contract by 4×3 months for Vidar Viking. The vessel will perform icebreaking, supply and anchor handling services with start-up in the summer of 2012. The total gross value of the contract is approximately USD 70 million. The vessel will initially under six month sail under Swedish flag and thereafter under dual Cypriotic/Russian flag with Russian crew. The agreement with Sakhalin Energy is conditional upon approval from the relevant financing banks as well as approval from the Board of Directors in Rederi AB TransAtlantic.

Offshore Energy Today Staff, December 26, 2011



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