Russian-Flagged Trawler Kapitan Laskov Refloated


The Russian-flagged trawler Kapitan Laskov that got stranded on Sunday evening off the Kunashir island, the southernmost island of the Kuril Islands, has been refloated last night, the Maritime Bulletin informed.

Having pumped out circa 60 tons of fuel with the assistance of an oil barge, the vessel owned by OJS Kolkhoz Oktyabr, Kamchatka was transferred to Shikotan Island for inspection purposes.

Even though details on how the incident occurred have not been reported yet, the vessel’s hull appears to be intact.

Fortunately, the crew members haven’t sustained any injuries and having in mind that the trawler remained in a good state, it can be expected for the vessel to go back to fishing business as usual very soon.


World Maritime News Staff, June 5, 2012;