Sabella generates first 10 MWh from tides

Sabella's D10 tidal turbine under deployment

Following the gradual increase in the speed of the Fromveur Passage currents, Sabella’s D10 tidal energy turbine has produced 10 MW/h of electricity under real operating conditions.

The turbine which was deployed in June this year started delivering limited amounts of power to Ushant island on November 5, 2015.

The next step for the project is to test the capabilities of D10 tidal turbine to maximize the energy production, as well as the delivery of the power produced to the Ushant island’s grid, and to validate and collect performance data of the turbine in harsh winter conditions.

Jean François Daviau, President of Sabella, said that even though the testing of the turbine is still ongoing, the company is satisfied with the first test results stating that the lessons learned from this deployment will aid the development of D15 tidal turbine, and simplify the development of Sabella’s announced tidal projects in Asia and France.

Endurance and reliability of D10 will be subject to additional testing which will continue until 2016, Sabella’s press release reads. All the environmental impacts will be controlled and monitored in partnership with the Natural Iroise Marine Park.

Sabella’s D10 tidal turbine is equipped with the rotor 10 m in diameter which has six fixed blades, and weighs approximately 450 tonnes. The turbine’s power capacity is rated up to 1 MW.

The French tidal energy developer plans to keep D10 tidal turbine submerged for one year to perform tests, without the installation of additional turbines.

The power produced from the turbine is expected to cover around 15% of the Ushant island’s electricity consumption needs.

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Image: Sabella