San Antonio Terminal Internacional

San Antonio Terminal Internacional tests its mettle with ULCV double docking

San Antonio Terminal Internacional (STI) has marked a major milestone in its operation having welcomed and handled two extra-long vessels simultaneously for the first time in its history.

Image credit: San Antonio Terminal Internacional

“This maneuver is unprecedented in Chile and on the west coast of South America,” according to STI.

The container ships MSC Katrina and MSC Rene belong to the largest category of vessels able to dock at Chilean ports. They measure 366 meters in length and span 48 meters in beam with a cargo capacity of more than 12,000 TEU.

“Our 930 meters of dock allow us to carry out this operation. We prepared very well for this double docking, in order to deliver the best service possible. We are proud to welcome these two vessels simultaneously,” commented STI’s CEO, José Iribarren.

Each vessel was assisted by three ship-to-shore cranes, carrying out 5,584 movements, 3,461 unloading and 2,123 loading, between the two vessels. The maneuvers were scheduled to conclude on April 3rd when the MSC Katrina and MSC Rene set sail for Coronel.

Over the past few months container volumes at San Antonio have started to recover.

“We must continue dealing with COVID by protecting our workers while, at the same time, maintaining the continuity of the logistics chain with more cargo. We are deploying all efforts to navigate this intense period without letting down our guard against the virus,” Iribarren said.