Sanmar Delivers First RAscal 1500 Class Tug

The Brage, the first RAscal 1500 Class tug designed by Robert Allan Ltd. has been delivered to its owners Buksér og Berging AS (BB) of Norway.

Sanmar Delivers First RAscal 1500 Class Tug

Built in Turkey by Sanmar A.S. to extremely high quality standards more commonly seen in yachts, the tug exceeded all performance expectations on trials. Although just under 15 metres in length, this ABS classed tug is a true workboat with heavily built hull and heavy duty machinery and equipment.

Engines are 350 kW Caterpillar C18 driving Veth VZ-550 azimuthing drives through carbon fibre shafts. Generators are twin Caterpillar C4.4 producing 69 ekW. The main bow fender is a 500 mm cylindrical type with vertical 400 x 300 “W” fenders underneath.

On trials the Brage achieved a bollard pull of 13.5 tonnes. Top speed was 9.9 knots which is exceptional considering this little tug weighs almost 180 tonnes full load!

The RAscal Series of tugs are a series of rugged, heavy duty, fully Classed line handling tugs from 15 to 24 metres designed by Robert Allan Ltd. They can be either Z-drive or conventional twin-screw, fixed nozzle configuration. Sanmar is currently building a fixed nozzle version designated as a RAscal 1500TS.


June 13, 2014

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