Saudi Ports Authority Takes Delivery of Three RAmparts 3200-W Tugs

Saudi Ports Authority Takes Delivery of Three RAmparts 3200-W Tugs

Zamil Offshore Services have recently completed the construction of a series of three Robert Allan Ltd. designed RAmparts 3200-W tugs. The RAmparts 3200-W class are powerful ship-handling/terminal support tugs designed act as harbour, escort, pollution control and fire-fighting tugs, and will assist in mooring, unmooring and all maintenance requirements in the ports of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in both the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf waters.

The Saudi Ports Authority, owner of the Rasalkir 1, Rasalkir 2 and Rasalkir 3, has taken delivery of all three tugs.

Robert Allan Ltd. worked closely with Zamil to establish the final specification and vessel layout for the demanding service of this tug. The hull form reflects the now well-proven double chine form that characterizes all Robert Allan Ltd. designs, with a sweeping chined stern. A large escort skeg is fitted forward to enhance the indirect towing capability and to provide enhanced roll stability.

The principal particulars of the Rasalkir 1 and its sisters, the Rasalkir 2, and Rasalkir 3 are as follows:

Length BP / 31.00 m

Beam, Moulded / 12.00 me

Depth, Moulded / 5.36 m

Maximum Draft / 5.20 metres

Power / 4720 kW total

The RAmparts 3200-W is designed for maximum efficiency in the performance of ship-handling, escort, and related terminal support activity services. The vessel is equipped with a hawser winch, towing hook, forward, with heavy bow fendering for ship-assist and escort work. A towing hook and capstan are fitted aft for secondary towline duties. The RAmparts Class tugs are a proven, standardized Z-drive tug design. Each design is developed from a successful prototype vessel or series of vessels, and refined to emphasize ease of construction, and the Owners specific requirements.


Source: ral, August 14, 2012