ScanEx Ensures Space Data for Ice Channeling in White Sea (Russia)

Starting from March 2011 the testing of the service of operational space information support of ice operations in the White Sea has been ongoing in behalf of the Arkhangelsk Branch of the FSUE “Rosmorport”.

As part of the test ScanEx RDC ensures operational data reception to the Moscow ground receiving station, processing and transmission of satellite radar images of the White Sea ice cover to the Customer. Specialists of the Arkhangelsk Ice Operations Headquarters arrange further transmission of ice data to the subordinate ice-breakers “Dixon”, “Captain Nikolayev”, “Captain Chadayev”, “Captain Kosolapov” and “Captain Yevdokimov”.

According to the captain-instructor of the Arkhangelsk Branch of the FSUE “Rosmorport” Vasily Ilyin, the timely satellite data enables to find optimal routes for ice-breakers navigation along the ships itinerary, saves resources of the ship owners and ensures safe maritime traffic in harsh ice conditions of the White Sea.

– Modern radar satellites are perfect instruments for information support of the sea operations, including ice channeling, cargo transportation, offshore production and prospecting activities, as well as in case of emergency and search-and-rescue operations, – believes Deputy General Director of ScanEx RDC Alexei Kucheiko.

ScanEx R&D Center is now capable of acquiring near-real time satellite images of the maritime area of all seas around Russia. Starting in March 2010 data from radar satellites have been applied on a regular basis in support of ice operations of the FSUE “Atomflot” throughout the Northern Sea Route.


Source: scanex, April 04, 2011;