Schlumberger Delivers Quartz Gauges for Reliable High-Resolution HPHT Measurements (USA)


Schlumberger today announced the introduction of Signature* quartz gauges for well testing operations. The new gauges operate reliably in rugged downhole conditions to obtain high-quality pressure measurements throughout a test, even in high-pressure high-temperature (HPHT) conditions up to 30,000 psi and 410 degF.

New-generation ceramic-based electronics were designed by Schlumberger metrology experts specifically for pressure measurement, with data acquisition and processing combined into a purpose-built circuit. This integrated design optimizes power consumption and allows less physical connections for enhanced reliability.

With our Signature quartz gauges, operators can run detailed tests for longer to reveal the finer features of the reservoir,” said Devan Raj, marketing and technology manager, Schlumberger Testing Services. “Clients can see beyond the near-wellbore area for better reservoir characterization compared to tests run using standard pressure gauges.”

The gauges have been field tested in India, Saudi Arabia, Norway and the United Kingdom under a variety of reservoir conditions.

In a HPHT offshore well, the 410 degF temperature rating of the Signature gauges allowed the operator to position them at a depth of 5,108 meters, which was 1,750 meters closer to the reservoir than conventional gauges. The well test lasted 15 days and met the operator’s test objective of confirming the reservoirs commercial viability.


Source: Schlumberger , March 22, 2011;

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