Schlumberger introduces new wireline conveyance system

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Oilfield services giant Schlumberger announced the launch of a new wireline conveyance system that, according to the company, can pull from 18,000 lbf to 30,000 lbf in wells 40,000 ft (12,192 m) deep or more.

The new system is named MaxPull and was announced on Monday, May 2, 2016.

Schlumberger said the MaxPull system’s engineered integration of wireline conveyance components now allows for complex well trajectories that were previously not wireline accessible.

Hinda Gharbi, president, Wireline, Schlumberger, said: “With the industry’s highest-pull wireline conveyance system, drillers can expect drillpipe-free wireline operations in any environment with vertical well efficiency and minimum sticking risk.”

“In addition, our customers can mitigate operational risk and save time during comprehensive data acquisition by eliminating the use of conventional drillpipe conveyance.”

As Schlumberger explained, a customer deployed the MaxPull 30000 system in a deepwater Gulf of Mexico well where job modeling indicated logging tension of 20,900 lbf. The existing highest-pull system of 21,000 lbf did not provide an overpull capability in the event of tool sticking.

By using the MaxPull 30000 system, the unnamed customer had the safety margin of 9,000 lbf of additional pull. When a sticking incident occurred during a reservoir fluid sampling station, a pull in excess of 29,300 lbf was applied to free the toolstring, avoiding a four-day fishing operation and the loss of valuable reservoir fluid data, and saving more than $3 million, Schlumberger said.

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