Scituate Dredging VIDEO Update

Tonry Insurance Group has just released this very interesting video about the dredging operations in the South River entrance channel area in Scituate, Massachusetts.

This project, undertaken by Burnham Associates, started in July and will run until Labor day (September 2, 2019), the Town of Marshfield Police Department said in its release.

The dredging footprint is located in the confluence of the North and South Rivers and will proceed southerly towards buoy no.2, located near Trouant Island.

According to the Marshfield Harbormaster, Michael A. DiMeo, this area has experienced significant shoaling and is a hazard to navigation.

“There will be times when vessel traffic will be restricted or impassable to/from the South River due to large dredging equipment operating in the entrance channel. At this time there will be no weekend dredging operations. Nevertheless, if we experience significant weather that delays this project, we may elect to allow weekend dredging,” said DiMeo.

Dredging equipment is being kept moored in the project vicinity during non-working periods.