Scotland outlines Crown assets management plan

Scottish government has laid a bill in Parliament which sets out proposed long-term management arrangements for Crown Estate assets.

The bill outlines the continuing role of Crown Estate Scotland as manager while enabling councils and communities to directly manage specific assets on a case-by-case basis.

Crown Estate Scotland, formed in April 2017, manages assets on behalf of Scottish ministers, including agricultural and forestry land, most of the seabed, just under half of the foreshore and some commercial property.

It also manages the rights to offshore renewable energy and gas and carbon dioxide storage out to 200 nautical miles.

The entire range of land, property and other assets managed by Crown Estate Scotland is valued at £275.7 million and generates an annual gross revenue of approximately £15 million, according to the organization.

Amanda Bryan, Chair of Crown Estate Scotland, said: “This legislation is an important step forward in setting out the long-term future of the organization. Coming to the end of our first year of operation we have increased engagement with communities, local authorities and other partners and ensured continuity for our tenants.

“We have also successfully raised funds to continue investing in farms and activity designed to grow Scotland’s low-carbon economy, such as strategic research into offshore renewables.

“We will work to ensure our staff and tenants are kept fully informed as the bill progresses through Parliament.”