Photo: Render image of SEA-KIT X-Class USV for ThayerMahan (Courtesy of SEA-KIT)

SEA-KIT and ThayerMahan agree USV export deal  

SEA-KIT has agreed the sale of its Uncrewed Surface Vessel (USV) to ThayerMahan, a US-based company specializing in autonomous maritime solutions.  

Render image of SEA-KIT X-Class USV for ThayerMahan (Courtesy of SEA-KIT

UK-based provider of autonomous solutions for maritime sector SEA-KIT informed that its latest 12-meter SEA-KIT X-Class design is slated for delivery in the spring of 2023 and is expected to become operational by the summer.   

SEA-KIT X-class USV is a remotely controlled mother-ship platform that can launch and recover remote vehicles, which assist in deep-water bathymetry, offshore and subsea asset inspection and hydrographic survey work. Ac 

According to ThayerMahan , it plans to use the SEA-KIT USV to bring the technology into government service, as well as for its commercial activities in US and international waters.  

Mike Connor, president and CEO at ThayerMahan, said: “We envisage that the introduction of this hi-tech USV to our portfolio will enhance the protection of ports and vessels at sea as well as have a positive impact on illicit trafficking across international borders.”  

Ben Simpson, SEA-KIT CEO, added: “This US export deal marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey so far. The UK is forging a leadership stance in Maritime Autonomous Systems innovation, and we are proud to be part of that.”