Seacat’s ‘Resolute’ Contracted to Work at Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm (UK)

Seacat's 'Resolute' Contracted to Work at Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Farm (UK)

Seacat Services, the class leading vessel transfer operator, has announced that Resolute, its latest 24-metre, class-certified workboat, has been contracted to Greater Gabbard Offshore Wind Limited, to work at the Greater Gabbard and Galloper offshore wind farms.

With growing pressure to deliver a series of fully operational offshore wind farms ahead of Round 3, there is a growing demand for large, multipurpose workboats, to quickly and efficiently transport engineers and project teams around an operational wind farm site. This, combined with an increasing focus to safeguard and protect the engineering teams working onsite, often in extreme weather conditions, has led many of the major developers to invest in high quality workboats that can operate in the widest weather window.

Based out of Lowestoft on the Norfolk Coast, Resolute will be contracted to the Greater Gabbard project for up to three months initially. During this time the vessel will undertake daily crew and equipment transfers and if necessary will be available to work 24/7, manned by highly experienced STCW 11/2 Masters and Mates, who are also certified to STCW 11/2 Officer of the Watch unlimited or above.

“The construction of offshore wind projects is really only half the story,” said Ian Baylis, Managing Director, Seacat Services. “Once these developments are in place there is a constant flow of equipment and personnel that has to be continuously deployed to keep the project monitored, maintained and operating.

“To do this effectively, the industry needs a class of workboat that can be deployed anywhere in the world, operate in the widest weather window and be backed by the highest level of independent assurance and certification. With vessels that can cater for all markets and all sea conditions, we look forward to continuing to set new standards, developing our portfolio of workboats and meet the demands of the windfarm operators as they continue to innovate, evolve and grow.”

As one of only a few, 24-metre DNV certified workboats (DNV 1A1 HSLC R2 Windfarm Service 1) currently available, the deployment and use of Resolute brings with it additional flexibility for the project owners as they expand their ambitions and interests outside of UK waters and explore opportunities further afield, in continental Europe and Scandinavia.

Currently, only class-certified workboats have the ability to operate in certain flag states outside of the UK. As such, the ability to contract certified workboats presents a key strength to developers looking for a greater consistency of supply and service, as they build out and expand their existing offshore wind farm portfolio.


Press release, October 28, 2012; Image: Seacat Services