SeaGen, World’s First Large Scale Tidal Generator (VIDEO)

SeaGen, World's First Large Scale Tidal Generator (VIDEO)

SeaGen, the world’s first large scale commercial tidal stream generator, four times more powerful than any other tidal stream generator in the world, is creating electric currents from tidal currents.

Dr. Peter Fraenkel invented the tidal power plant SeaGen. His idea was to plunge a windmill (headfirst) into the water. In the following video Fraenkel shows just how it works by using household items. A mini windmill, an aquarium and a cup of tea are used to demonstrate.

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Developing innovative technologies is only possible if people have ideas. Ideas, that improve the status quo, or ideas that create something entirely new. Ideas just like the one from Dr. Peter Fraenkel, who agrees that his brainchild was a little crazy. But his success has proven him right. Today, SeaGen provides 1,500 Irish households with electricity.

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SeaGen generator weighs 300 tonnes. Each driving a generator through a gearbox like a hydro-electric or wind turbine. These turbines have a patented feature by which the rotor blades can be pitched through 180 degrees allowing them to operate in both flow directions – on ebb and flood tides. The power units of each system are mounted on arm-like extensions either side of a tubular steel monopile some 3 metres (9.8 ft) in diameter and the arms with the power units can be raised above the surface for safe and easy maintenance access.


Subsea World News Staff, March 15, 2013