Photo: Nova Scotia 3D seismic near Sable Island (Courtesy of Searcher)

Searcher preps for 3D seismic reprocessing gig in Nova Scotia

Australia-based Searcher Seismic has announced a 3D seismic data reprocessing project offshore Nova Scotia in Canada.

Nova Scotia 3D seismic near Sable Island (Courtesy of Searcher)
Nova Scotia 3D seismic near Sable Island (Courtesy of Searcher)

The 3D dataset comprises eight 3D volumes covering over 5,000 square kilometers and focusing on the Sable Island Gas fields on the Scotian Shelf.

In addition to proximity to produced fields, this area contains ten undeveloped significant discoveries that have P50 recoverable gas reserves of 1.3 TCF.

The basin is said to be a great example of exploring for ‘advantaged hydrocarbons’, and according to Searcher, the company can offer two products. Firstly, the existing datasets which were acquired over 20 years ago but still provide good control over the regional geology of the area.  

Secondly, Searcher believes that the key innovation to these datasets will be provided by reprocessing the data through a modern pre-stack reprocessing sequence, including shallow water demultiple, deghosting and FWI.

Rigorous application of modern technology and velocity control is expected to reveal numerous additional drill ready prospects on data that will be AVO compliant and open for reservoir delineation through mapping seismic attributes and spectral decomposition for the first time, calibrated to discoveries and produced fields.

Neil Hodgson, Searcher’s vice president of geoscience, said: “To advantage hydrocarbons is to provide rapid development and production opportunities – this basin has that in spades.

“This is an incredible time to be providing the industry a ready-to-interpret dataset over a significant portion of the proven Sable Gas Basin.

“Reprocessing the seismic in this area is likely to re-open this gas province at a time when rapidly developed and produced low carbon energy is so welcome.”

Searcher’s growing East Coast Canada dataset will be available on the company’s on-demand web platform, sAIsmic, for easy access to explorers.

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