Searcher to take on 3D reprocessing projects around UK’s giant oil field

Searcher Seismic will be working on two new multi-client 3D reprocessing projects to support the infrastructure-led exploration (ILX) strategy in the North Sea offshore UK.

Courtesy of Searcher Seismic
Searcher Seismic
Courtesy of Searcher Seismic

The projects, Big Buzz 3D reprocessing and Big Bird 3D reprocessing, are located around the giant Buzzard oil field and within tie-back distances to the Kittiwake and Forties field development platforms.

The Big Buzz 3D consists of 1,568 square kilometres and the Big Bird 3D consists of 730 square kilometres of industry-supported broadband reprocessed seismic data.

According to Searcher, imaging results are a step change from vintage 3D and the modern processing flow includes broadband, FWI and pre-stack depth migration, supported by geological well and field data.

Targeted demultiple and amplitude preserving technologies will enable AVO/AVA to be meaningfully analysed at the target level, the company explained.

VP of Operations for Searcher, Alan Hopping, said that intermediate processing results from Big Buzz and Big Bird are showing features never seen before on this data. Hopping added that the company will promote both projects at the upcoming EAGE conference in June.

“Searcher is growing a U.K.C.S. dataset of ILX opportunities using reprocessed vintage 3D to support the next evolution in ILX energy security exploration and energy transition (CCUS)”, Hopping concluded.

The Big Buzz 3D reprocessing and Big Bird 3D reprocessing projects will be available early in Q3 2022.

In April, Searcher Seismic announced a 3D seismic data reprocessing project offshore Nova Scotia in Canada.

The 3D dataset comprises eight 3D volumes covering over 5,000 square kilometres and focuses on the Sable Island Gas fields on the Scotian Shelf.

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