SeaRoc Launches Communications System for Far Offshore Projects

SeaRoc Group has provided what the company calls ”a unique communications and logistic data solution” for DONG Energy Wind Power, with its first deployment on the UK-based Race Bank offshore wind farm.

The solution utilises SeaRoc Group’s management software system, SeaPlanner, and consists of containerised equipment for communications and logistical data sharing for far offshore projects.

On 10 July 2016 the solution became fully operational with communications and status updates being received in one of DONG´s operations & logistics centres over a satellite link. This data is integrated into SeaPlanner, providing real-time visibility of site activity, vessel and helicopter tracking as well as various people tracking features, according to SeaRoc.

The container also contains several autonomous safety systems including fire suppression, gas detection and temperature control, all of which are monitored using the SeaPlanner software.

The solution for Race Bank OWF utilises the latest enhancements of the SeaPlanner software that aims to centralise, standardise, automate, and make equipment easily deployable on far offshore projects.

Neil Pittam, SeaRoc Group Project Manager, said: “This has been a fantastic project for us to work on and we are proud to have delivered a product that is applicable to any type of offshore construction, and is unique to the offshore renewable industry. This system provides a highly-reliable and robust communications system for mission critical activities, maintaining the highest levels of safety, management and efficiency for offshore construction and maintenance operations.”