Seaway 7 sets the date for Seagreen inter-array cable installation ops

Seaway 7 sets date for Seagreen inter-array cable ops

Seaway 7 is planning to begin the inter-array cable installation activities at the Seagreen offshore wind project in Scotland around 9 November.

Maersk Connector (Source: Maersk Supply Service)

Seaway 7, the EPCI contractor for the project’s inter-array cable system and the wind turbine foundations, will commence the operations with cable lay and trenching works.

Three vessels will be involved in the activities. Siem Day will act as the installation support vessel and cable installation technicians will be deployed to the wind turbine foundations using the vessels’ motion compensated gangway system.

Maersk Connector will perform a pre-lay grapnel run along the cable route, required to remove any debris that may hamper cable lay operations, before beginning to lay the inter-array cable.

On completion of the cable lay operation, Seaway Aimery will trench the surface laid cable between the foundation structures. A remotely operated trenching vehicle will be used to bury the cables to the required depth.

Siem Day is expected on-site to start operations on or around 9 November, while Maersk Connector is expected to arrive on or around 13 November. Seaway Aimery’s date of arrival is yet to be confirmed.

In September, Seaway 7 announced it had selected the Port of Blyth as the location for the storage and mobilization of the inter-array cables for the Seagreen 1 wind farm.

The 1,075 MW wind farm will feature 114 Vestas V164-10 MW turbines installed on jacket foundations.

Once complete in 2022/23, Seagreen will be Scotland’s largest and deepest offshore wind farm.