Sarawak Basin seismic project map

Seismic trio grabs Sarawak Basin work

The seismic consortium comprising PGS, TGS and WesternGeco has won a multi-year contract from Petronas to acquire and process up to 105,000 square kilometres of multi-sensor multi-client 3D data in the Sarawak Basin, offshore Malaysia.

Courtesy: TGS

This contract award follows an ongoing campaign by the consortium in the Sabah offshore region of Malaysia, awarded in 2016.

The project saw over 50,000 square kilometers of 3D seismic data acquired and licensed to the oil and gas industry.

The Sarawak award should allow for a multi-phase program to promote exploration efforts in the Sarawak East Natuna Basin.

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Nathan Oliver, PGS executive vice president Sales & Services, said: “Since this same consortium also acquiring multi-client data offshore Sabah, we have demonstrated the benefit of the multi-client business model to the Malaysian authorities and provided the oil and gas industry with high-quality seismic data in this prolific hydrocarbon basin. With this new award, we are able to expand the multi-client coverage into the Sarawak region to increase exploration and enhance production activities.”

Rune Eng, TGS executive VP, International, said:

“With this exciting project award, the consortium will play its part in encouraging and enhancing future exploration in Malaysia, enabling E&P companies to participate in the acquisition of high-quality modern 3D seismic data on a cost-effective regional basis.”

Rajeev Sonthalia, president, Digital & Integration, Schlumberger, also stated: “The consortium will continue to use the latest technologies to accelerate discoveries in the Sarawak offshore basins. Modern data will be used both to enhance existing production assets and develop new play concepts in areas where legacy data has failed to provide the insight needed to find new opportunities with a high degree of confidence.”

The consortium is planning the initial phases and is engaging with the oil and gas industry to secure prefunding ahead of planned acquisition, covering both open blocks and areas of existing farm-in opportunities.