SENER Korea Engineering and Systems Wins Its First Contract

SENER Korea Engineering and Systems Wins Its First Contract

Within merely three months from its establishment, SENER Korea Engineering and Systems Co., Ltd. (SKES) has won its first contract, a license agreement with KR Engineering Co., Ltd. (KRE) for the use of FORAN, SENER’s 3D-model based software for ship design and production.

By virtue of the agreement, the FORAN modules for hull form generation, hull structure, outfitting and drafting are being implemented at KRE offices in Seoul and Busan, while end-users are being trained at SKES facilities in Busan.

This represents a satisfactory outcome for the relentless work carried out since mid-2011 by the SENER Marine strategic business unit and the local team that is now SENER Korea. KRE top management then decided to strengthen the company’s ship design and engineering capabilities, by modernizing its computer systems and recruiting talented young designers, well-disposed to use advanced 3D CAD tools. In this regard, the professional support by highly-responsive SKES staff and the proven ability of FORAN to meet both basic and production design requirements have been key success factors.

The agreement with KRE is remarkable not only for expanding the user base of FORAN in Korea, but also for generating multiple joint business opportunities across Asia, as it opens the door to a wider technical and commercial collaboration between KRE and SENER, particularly in the design of vessels that require both specialization and technological innovation.

KR Engineering Co., Ltd is a multidisciplinary, dynamic engineering company created in 1997 by the Korean Register of Shipping (KR), prestigious classification society founded in 1960 and member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) since 1988. KR boasts about 2,700 ships totaling 50 million GRT in its registry. KRE carries out consulting, design and inspection activities in the fields of shipbuilding; steel structures, including offshore; floating structures; port facilities, such as goliath cranes, container cranes and continuous ship unloaders; electrical power and green energy.

SENER Korea Engineering and Systems Co., Ltd was established in February 2012 at Busan. Wholly owned by SENER Ingeniería y Sistemas S.A. of Spain, it is intended to provide engineering, technical consultancy and software implementation services in the fields of civil works, architecture and transport, energy, environment, space, aeronautics, vehicles, biomedicine, defense, electronics, communications, and main focus at marine.


Source: foran, June 4, 2012