Sercel to develop low-frequency seismic source as part of new acquisition

Sercel has entered into exclusive negotiations with Low Impact Seismic Sources (LISS) for the acquisition of the U.S. company.


Sercel will continue to develop and commercialize the Tuned Pulse Source (TPS), an innovative marine seismic source, that LISS developed in collaboration with Shell.

The TPS solution is said to meet the industry need for low frequencies that allow deeper penetrations and more accurate quantitative interpretation and Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) results, especially in combination with long-offset data, all while further reducing environmental impact.

According to Sercel, Shell will continue to provide its support with in-sea testing to be conducted this summer and will execute a first commercial survey using the LISS TPS source later this year.

“I’m very pleased that Sercel, the equipment supplier to the seismic industry, is acquiring LISS. Sercel will provide the benefits of TPS and its successor technologies, representing a new era of seismic source technology, to all contractors and oil companies in the industry,” said Steve Chelminski, co-founder of LISS.

“It’s the low-frequency source that brings not just the data required for real imaging and FWI improvement, but in addition the environmental benefits that will continue to advance the industry’s ability to be excellent custodians of our environment.”