Sevan Brazil Drilling Rig Takes Shape at COSCO Nantong Shipyard (China)

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On the morning of January 20, the hoisting operation for the 9 top-side modules of the main hull of SEVAN BRASIL, the second deepwater semi submersible drilling rig, was smoothly accomplished. Thus the main hull of this unit has now essentially been built up into a single unit.

The hoisting operation commenced on January 13. The gross weight of all nine modules comes to 6,500 tonnes, and the largest among them reaches 1,050 tonnes. The project team and relevant departments maintained close collaboration to work in continuous operation for 24 hours a day, eventually completing the mission 3 days ahead of schedule. The successful hoisting and installation task ensured that the project pushed forward smoothly and as-planed. This has also been a great start for COSCO Nantong Shipyard to realize its annual production target.


Source:Cosco , March 9, 2011;

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