SGMF joins forces with LNG bunkering coalition

SEALNG, the industry coalition promoting the adoption of LNG as a marine fuel signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation with the Society for Gas as a Marine Fuel (SGMF).

The coalition said in its statement on Wednesday the MoU creates a framework for how the two organisations will work together to make LNG the fuel of choice for the shipping industry.

Since its launch in July 2016, SEALNG is working to break down the commercial barriers to the uptake of LNG as a marine fuel, while since its inception in October 2013, SGMF focused on safety, operational, and technical aspects in the development of natural gas as a sustainable marine fuel.

Commenting on the agreement Mark Bell, general manager and COO, SGMF said that SGMF does not cover the commercial aspect of the development of LNG as marine fuel “and therefore it will be beneficial to leverage the work of SEALNG on this issue. Together, our combined parallel efforts will best serve our respective members and the overall LNG value chain.”

Peter Keller, SEALNG chairman and executive VP, Tote added that the MoU will ensure that the combined efforts are concentrated on defined areas, to ultimately provide “the confidence and demand required for an effective, efficient, and safe global marine LNG value chain by 2020.”

Through the cooperation, the two organisations will share knowledge, data, and information from their own areas of responsibility that will be of benefit to each other’s members.

Part of SEALNG’s remit is to educate investors and other key stakeholders in the marine transportation value chain.

SGMF through its governance continues to develop guidelines and best practice with publications, guidance notices, industry statistics, and studies.