Shearwater soon to begin multicomponent surveys for Santos

Shearwater GeoServices is set to commence two multicomponent surveys offshore Western Australia in February as part of a recent contract secured with Santos.

Source: Shearwater

The two-month program covers the Keraudren North Extension with an area of approximately 680 km2 in the Bedout Basin, and the Petrel Sub-Basin 3D survey of approximately 1,100 km2.

The Geo Coral will conduct data acquisition on both projects using a multi-component streamer system.

“Shearwater has a strong established relationship with Santos and we look forward to supporting their operations with high-quality geophysical data captured by our industry leading multi-component streamer equipped vessel,” said Irene Waage Basili, CEO of Shearwater.

Geo Coral worked in the Bedout Sub-basin last year when it was in charge of the Archer 3D seismic survey that covered the Dorado development and the exploration potential to the southwest of the field.

A 3D seismic survey at the Keraudren Extension was completed in August 2021 which acquired around 2,600 km2, collecting data over the southern portion of WA-436-P and the northern portion of WA-438-P.

The survey allowed Santos and its partner Carnarvon to better assess the geological risks, improve the volume estimates of this part of the portfolio, and identify a greater number of prospects and leads.

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