Shepherd Offshore test tank construction

Shepherd Offshore building one of Europe’s largest test tanks

Shepherd Offshore is constructing one of Europe’s largest offshore testing tanks at Neptune Energy Park in Walker, Newcastle.

Shepherd Offshore

Located on the North Bank of the Tyne, the Neptune Enterprise Zone is one of the UK’s six centres for offshore renewable engineering (CORE) sites.

This development to the facility will encourage local economic growth and bring new projects to the area.

The deep-water test tank will provide the subsea offshore marine industry with capabilities to test new products and ROVs.

It will operate at a length of 56 metres, width of 38 metres and be up to 12 metres deep.

Construction of the new quay frontage extends 50 metres across the existing engine Works Quay.

The design of a new heavy load pad and heavy load routes permit the CC4800 crawler crane easy access to the test tank for a range of different projects.

The site has already proved essential in the successful construction of the EDF Blyth offshore demonstrator test towers and floating gravity bases foundations between 2015 and 2017 with BAM Nuttal.

Supported by North East Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), once fully operational, it could become a quay asset to the region.

Charles Shepherd managing director at Shepherd Offshore says,

“The opportunity to create key strategic infrastructure and capacity to the region for its stakeholders is exciting. The company has worked on this for a while now and we’re thrilled to get the ball rolling.”

Finally, the site should be fully operational by the end of 2020.