Shipping industry preps for cross-sector decarbonisation event

Global shipping has announced a cross-industry event, to be held during COP26, bringing together leaders in shipping, energy, politics and finance to discuss maritime decarbonisation efforts.

To be held in Glasgow on 6 November, as part of UN Climate Change Conference UK 2021, ‘Shaping the Future of Shipping’ will assemble industry heavyweights and external experts to tackle the challenges which face shipping’s vital route to decarbonisation.

The ministerial level, day-long event will feature some of the world’s leading figures on decarbonisation from across the globe to address key strategic issues in shipping’s rapidly evolving decarbonisation journey.

The event is taking place at the University of Strathclyde’s Technology & Innovation Centre, home to the UK’s Maritime Safety Research Centre and a centre of marine technology research.

Discussion topics will include:

  • the removal of carbon-heavy fuels from a traditionally ‘hard to abate’ sector;
  • securing equitable decarbonisation frameworks to benefit developing countries;
  • and the reduction of financial risk from shipping transformation so action can urgently be taken to curb emissions today.

As explained, the conference will demonstrate the critical importance of immediate action and cross-sectoral collaboration for the energy transformation of shipping. 

“A holistic approach is essential for the decarbonisation of the shipping industry. Only with international, cross-sectoral collaboration can we deliver an equitable carbon transition for shipping,” Emanuele Grimaldi, President & Managing Director of Grimaldi Euromed SpA, commented.

“We have heard the calls from environmentalists and the public that we need action rather than words. This meeting can catalyse a transformation agenda by reaching beyond just the industry itself to engage key players in the global supply chain.”

“We are coming together at a critical time to seek consensus on a clear regulatory and technical roadmap. And to support our joint global environmental needs and universal industry supply chain trading requirements,” Jeremy Nixon, CEO of Ocean Network Express, said.

“This meeting must be about the reality of change and the difficult decisions that need to be taken at COP26. We must reduce political risk so the shipping industry and the maritime supply chain can increase the speed and scale of transformation,” Esben Poulsson, Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping concluded.

“With COP taking place shortly before the important International Maritime Organization meeting on decarbonisation, we see this gathering as a major opportunity to garner the political leadership needed to advance the agenda on R&D and the creation of a global market-based mechanism to drive decarbonisation.”