Siemens Conducts International Fundraising Campaign to Help Victims of Earthquake in Japan


Siemens is conducting an international fundraising campaign to help the victims of the earthquake and its aftermath in Japan.

Through March 31, 2011, Siemens will match every euro that employees around the world donate to a special bank account opened for that purpose.

The company itself will set aside at least €1 million to cover these donations. In addition, Siemens is providing immediate on-site assistance, including medical equipment like mobile ultrasound devices and reagents for lab tests, as well as urgently needed water purification systems with a total value of €2 million.

We are deeply saddened by the extent of the disaster in Japan. Our fundraising campaign is a symbol of the profound solidarity we feel with our colleagues in Japan and with all the people of Japan,” said Siemens CEO Peter Löscher.

In the last few days, Siemens employees around the world have expressed their profound concern over the events unfolding in Japan. In the past the Siemens team has already demonstrated its tremendous willingness to help in the event of catastrophes, such as the heavy flooding in Pakistan and the earthquake in Haiti.

Siemens doubled the donations made by employees worldwide. In this manner, the company supported reconstruction efforts in Haiti with donations in kind and contributions totaling over €2 million.


Source: siemens ,March 17, 2011; Image: australian