Photo: Siemens Gamesa

Siemens Gamesa kicks off personnel safety training

DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) has begun working with Siemens Gamesa’s Offshore business unit on training approximately 6,000 employees in developing greater risk awareness to improve safety.

The companies partnered to implement DuPont Risk Factor training, as well as group leadership coaching for 275 senior and middle management staff, and a number of Safety in Engineering Design workshops.

The Siemens Gamesa LeadSafe project, as the activities are known, kicked off with a pilot project at the end of 2019 after an initial assessment of the company’s safety culture in order to customize training.

The project involves most of the staff working at the manufacturing sites, offices, pre-assembly locations and installation personnel, and will also encompass bespoke workshops for 200 engineers aimed at improving safety in the engineering process.

According to DSS, the work was designed to be delivered remotely leveraging digital technologies and is thus currently ongoing with no interruptions due to Covid-19. Markets in more advanced stages of economic recovery, such as China, have been prioritized.

“The key to first class safety performance is safe behaviour. Although technical measures can significantly reduce the number of accidents, they are not sufficient to eliminate them. That requires sensitizing people to risks and making them aware of the role that their decision making plays in incidents,” said Cédric Parentelli, DSS Managing Director Europe and North Africa.

“With the new safety project, Siemens Gamesa Offshore is taking a significant step in this direction. As an additional clear sign of their commitment to Safety, Siemens Gamesa Offshore is currently defining the scope of work, aiming to extend the current safety project to the rest of the group business units: Onshore and Services, and is also introducing some transversal/ corporate actions.”