Siemens Gamesa turbine chosen for wind-wave power and hydrogen storage demo project

Siemens Gamesa turbine chosen for offshore wind-wave power demo in Spain

Danish renewable energy developer Floating Power Plant has selected a Siemens Gamesa wind turbine to be deployed at its demo project off the coast of Gran Canaria that integrates floating wind, wave energy, and hydrogen production.

The 4.3 MW SWT-DD-120 turbine will be installed at the Plataforma Oceánica de Canarias (PLOCAN) site in the Canary Isles as part of the Seaworthy project, short for Sustainable Dispatchable Energy Enabled by Wave-Wind Offshore platforms with Onboard Hydrogen.

“It is precisely what we need for this project. This wind turbine generator aligns with the site requirements, and its direct-drive technology is a perfect fit for our demonstrator platform,” said Laura Volta Roqueta, Senior wind turbine engineer at Floating Power Plant.

The Seaworthy project, which is being supported by a €26 million grant from the European Commission’s Innovation Fund, integrates floating wind and wave resources to generate electricity while utilizing excess power to produce and store hydrogen.

Floating Power Plant’s demonstrator technology, P-Demo, will include the 4.3 MW turbine, a 0.8 MW wave energy converter (WEC) system, and a hydrogen system comprising a 1 MW electrolyzer, 48 MWh of energy storage, and a 1.2 MW fuel cell.

P-Demo is set to become the world’s first wind-wave-hydrogen unit and is projected to deliver 11.05 GWh per year of renewable electricity to the grid.