Photo: Courtesy of GNL Quebec

Siemens to work on GNL Quebec’s LNG export facility

Siemens Energy will provide engineering services, equipment, technology and CO2 emission reduction solutions for GNL Quebec’s Énergie Saguenay LNG project in Quebec.

Siemens to work on GNL Quebec’s LNG export facility
Courtesy of GNL Quebec

The Quebec-based partnership that invests in net-zero energy projects Symbio Infrastructure signed an agreement with a unit of German engineering company Siemens.

Under the agreement, Siemens Energy is to provide its portfolio of greener solutions for rotating equipment, electrical, and digital infrastructure for Symbio’s subsidiary GNL Quebec’s carbon-neutral Énergie Saguenay LNG project, as well as Symbio’s subsidiary Gazoduq’s carbon-neutral natural gas transmission line project between Ontario and Quebec.

The parties will also work together to explore green hydrogen development opportunities as a new potential investment initiative.

Énergie Saguenay is a 10.5 million tonnes per annum LNG export facility that will be powered by nearby renewable hydroelectricity. The plan is for this to be the lowest carbon-intensity LNG plant in the world.

Siemens Energy and Symbio envision this alliance aligning with the principles included in the March 2021 Energy Partnership between Germany and Canada to advance their net-zero goals.

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Jim Illich, founder, and president of Symbio Infrastructure said: “From Symbio’s inception, our fundamental vision has been to meet the world’s growing energy demand by building electrified, carbon-neutral infrastructure that will set new global benchmarks for the energy transition.”

Tim Holt, member of the executive board of Siemens Energy, said: “We’re proud to support Symbio’s carbon-neutral Canadian LNG project powered by hydroelectricity, and Canada’s first carbon-neutral natural gas transmission line, while also integrating cutting-edge Siemens Energy solutions and technology to realize one of the world’s lowest carbon intensity LNG value chains. Siemens Energy is also looking forward to furthering our development of a carbon-free hydrogen economy by collaborating with Symbio and advancing Germany’s collaboration with Canada.”