SIG’s Seismic System for Lithuanian Research Vessel

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The Lithuanian University of Klaipeda has taken delivery of their new SIG sparker system from SIG France.

The sparker/boomer is a multi-channel seismic system suitable to work in shallow water conditions (water column of 100 m), in the Baltic Sea.

According to SIG, the energy source has a maximal output of 1000 joules with the sparker, and 500 joules with the boomer sound source.

The training has been conducted onboard the vessel Mintis, by SIG France, Geomatrix UK, and Emma Technologies, the system integrator, and manufacturer of custom solutions. Emma Technologies has manufactured the oceanographic winch installed on the vessel for sidescan survey and gradiometer operations. The winch has a maximal capacity of 3000 m of 10.3 mm coax cable.+

The Mintis is a new 39 meters long, 12 meters wide, catamaran, especially designed for the oceanographic researches of the university. The vessel can take onboard 12 scientists, who can work in two laboratories equipped for geological, biological, physico-chemical researches.

The Mintis will be used for both scientific researches and marine activities; seismic surveys, monitoring of the marine environment, fisheries resources researches, and implementation of pollution monitoring.

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