Singapore: Otto Marine Strengthens Its Shipbuilding Capabilities

Otto Marine Strengthens Its Shipbuilding Capabilities

Otto Marine Limited has announced a number of changes to its key management to strengthen its shipbuilding capability further. On 15 March 2013, Mr. Aw has voluntarily resigned from his position as Executive Director and Deputy President due to personal reasons.

Mr. Aw was previously responsible for the general management of all shipyard activities and general operational management. The Group announced the appointment of Mr. Mok as President of the Shipbuilding division on 18 March 2013. In this capacity, Mr. Mok will be responsible for the business development and management of shipbuilding, ship repair and conversion, as well as fabrication operations. In line with the objective of strengthening its core shipbuilding operations, Mr. Lum has rejoined on 18 March 2013. Mr. Lum has more than 35 years of industry experience in shipbuilding and was previously the Senior Executive Vice President of Otto Marine.

Mr Yaw Chee Siew, Chairman & Group CEO said:

 “It is our honour and privilege to welcome Mr. Mok as President of Shipbuilding, who is joining us from Keppel Philippines and is bringing with him a wealth of industry experience. It is also my pleasure to welcome Mr. Lum and his team in rejoining the Otto Marine Group. Mr. Lum and his team have been a significant contributor in developing Otto Marine’s shipbuilding capabilities previously. OTTO MARINE LIMITED (Company Registration Number 197902647M) (Incorporated with limited liability in the Republic of Singapore on 5 September 1979) Page 2 of 2 I would like to thank Mr. Mok, as well as Mr. Lum and his team, for providing Otto Marine this opportunity to strengthen its shipbuilding segment. We look forward to a cohesive and fruitful engagement.”

The Grou also announced that Mr. See has joined Otto Marine’s Board of Directors as Executive Director. Mr. See, who has been with the Group since 2007 as the Group’s Chief Financial Officer, has more than 20 years of experience in the finance, human resources and general management of public listed companies in Singapore and overseas. In his new role, Mr. See will be mainly in-charge of the Group’s finance, accounting, and investor relations functions.

Press Release, March 18, 2013