SINOPACIFIC to Present Fuel-Saving Bulk Carriers at Posidonia 2012, Greece

SINOPACIFIC to Present Fuel-Saving Bulk Carriers at Posidonia 2012

On May 29, before launch of the Posidonia 2012 in Greece, leading shipbuilding enterprise SINOPACIFIC Shipbuilding Group held an introductory meeting and social gathering in Athens. It highlighted the promotion of the CROWN 63, CROWN MHI 82 and CROWN 121 ultimate fuel-saving and environment friendly bulk carriers which aim at the segmented markets for 60,000 DWT, 80,000 DWT and 120,000 DWT bulk carriers respectively.

As the Posidonia 2012 continues, leading industry players gathered in Athens and about two hundreds of ship owners, bankers, brokers attended the activity as well as Simon Liang, the Board Chairman and CEO of SINOPACIFIC.

The three products are all based on the design concept of “energy-saving and environment friendly”. Guided by the strategy of “perfection in simple products”, the SINOPACIFIC design team has continued in its goal of perfection by improving the environmental protection and fuel efficiency indicators to the highest possible level.

At a service speed of 14.3-knot, the fuel consumption of CROWN 63 Ultramax bulk carrier is reduced to 25.8 tons/day, reduced by 13% compared to the CROWN 58 (58,000DWT) bulk carrier. The design team spent nearly three years achieving this breakthough on hull forms and propulsion system after extensive testing. With an optimized hull line, the larger diameter & lower rotate speed propeller and the electrically controlled main engine, the fuel consumption is reduced to a bare minimum. In addition, the CROWN 63 also stands out in its environmental credentials. The first fabricated ship delivered in this March has already won the BV’s first global EEDI (Energy Efficiency Design Index) Attestation, and the EEDI of the vessel reduced by up to 20%.

Crown 63 is reaching all goals of consumption reduction as expected by design.” GREENSHIP Singapore who has taken delivery of already four sister ships confirmed. “The friendly design of Crown 63 is in conformity with the environmental protection policies of Singapore. Based on the attained EEDI stage 2 value of the ship, it has achieved a reduction factor of up to 20% making it eligible to a serious reduction in Initial Registration Fees as well as Annual Tonnage Tax rebates till 31 Dec 2019.”

The CROWN MHI 82 (82,000DWT) is a bulk carrier jointly developed by SINOPACIFIC and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI). Since SINOPACIFIC announced cooperation with MHI in this March, the market has been closely watching the development of the CROWN MHI 82. Currently, the cooperation is working smoothly, and the CROWN MHI 82 will be installed with the energy-saving devices and the propellers of the MHI, to achieve the highest propulsion efficiency. The fuel consumption of the main engine was required to be further reduced to a level of less than 28 tons per day. The tank test of the CROWN MHI 82 will be performed in the mid-2012. The overall joint design project is expected to be completed in the second half of 2012.

The CROWN 121 (121,000DWT) Mini-Cape bulk carrier is an upgraded CROWN 118 (118,000DWT) bulk carrier independently developed by SINOPACIFIC. With V-bow and MAN G-type main engine, the fuel consumption of CROWN 121 is reduced to 38 tons/day from a former 49.1 tons/day, a drop of 23% while DWT is at the same time increased.

Aside from their outstanding fuel consumption, all three ships have achieved a Green Passport, and meet the technology needs for ballast water treatment, and also have equipped with low-sulphur fuel systems, hydraulically-operated hatch covers and a citadel against piracy attack. All in all, the ships satisfy the most demanding market needs.

SINOPACIFIC to Present Fuel-Saving Bulk Carriers at Posidonia 2012

During the introductory meeting, SINOPACIFIC not only promoted the designs of its three bulk carriers but also demonstrated its capabilities to build ships according to these designs. With a track record of successfully delivering 123 bulk carriers (as of the end of April 2012) and full-cycle design capabilities from basic design to production design, and with the support of its Dayang Shipbuilding, the most efficient shipyard of commercial vessels, SINOPACIFIC has the confidence to produce the best vessel products and create more values for ship owners.


Shipbuilding Tribune Staff, May 31, 2012; Images: sinopacificshipbuilding