Sirius Shipping orders two LNG-ready tankers at AVIC Dingheng

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Sirius Shipping orders two LNG ready tankers at AVIC Dingheng
Image courtesy of Sirius Shipping

Sirius Shipping of Sweden recently informed that it has placed an order for two 7999 dwt LNG-ready oil/chemical tankers at AVIC Dingheng Shipyard in China. 

According to the company’s statement, the vessels will feature a two-stroke main engine compatible to be converted to run on liquefied natural gas with two LNG tanks mounted on the deck.

The design of the vessel with the cargo capacity of 9,500 cbm has been developed in a cooperation between Sirius and FKAB.

The 120-meters long and 19.4-meter wide ICE class 1A tankers are scheduled for delivery in 2018, Sirius said.

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