Six One Commodities expands footprint to Europe

Six One Commodities LLC (61C) today announced that it is expanding its power and gas business to Europe with the addition of a power team out of Berlin lead by Ingo Klause.

Illustration courtesy of Six One Commodities

Mr. Klause has over 20 years of experience in the CWE region for power trading. He worked for the Swedish utility Vattenfall acting as a lead trader and head of cross border trading.

Six One Commodities US LLC (EU Trading) is an affiliate of Six One Commodities Global LLC with office in Berlin.

“The team is well positioned to help 61C expand into Europe,” said Mr. Klause. “A rapidly changing supply side will require strong analytical skills to navigate the implications for generation margins and location and time spreads across individual national power markets.”

“Building, maintaining, and adjusting a comprehensive model will be critical when trying to capture these fundamental price shifts. And we are the team that can provide that capability,” added Mr. Klause.

Earlier in the year, 61C launched its LNG business in Asia to meet the region’s needs. The company hired an LNG team out of Singapore lead by Delia Proteasa.

“With the hiring of Delia, Ingo, and their teams, 61C is well positioned to become a global energy company,” said Ben Sutton, CEO of 61C. “With their complimentary backgrounds, Delia and Ingo will focus on advancing our position of becoming a market-leading franchise at this critical stage in the commodity cycle.”

“61C has grown its power and gas business in the U.S. for the past two years. I think there is a strong opportunity for LNG volumes to grow in Asia and throughout the globe and for us to grow our power and gas business in Europe. I can’t think of a better opportunity than right now to expand our business into Asia and Europe,” stated Ben Sutton.