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Nordic supplier Skangas to deliver LNG to paper mill

Skangas to supply LNG to Metsä Tissue's paper mill
Image courtesy of SkangasNordic

Nordic LNG company Skangas reached a deal with Metsä Tissue Corporation for the supply of liquefied natural gas to the latter’s paper mill for production process use.

At the mill in Mänttä, Finland, LNG will replace liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in the paper drying process.

LNG will be delivered to the Mänttä mill by road tanker from the Skangas Pori LNG terminal, Skangas said in its statement, adding that before being used, the chilled fuel will be regasified at the mill.

In cooperation with the technical services of its parent company, Gasum, Skangas will carry out the modification and equipment installation work relating to the fuel change.

The Metsä Tissue Mänttä mill produces toilet tissues, household towels, handkerchiefs, industrial rolls and greaseproof paper for baking and cooking products.

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