Skangass opens doors on LNG terminal in Lysekil

Skangass opens doors on LNG terminal in Lysekil

Skangass said it has officially opened the new receiving terminal for LNG in Lysekil, Sweden. 

This marks an important strategical step in making natural gas available for the land based industry and the marine market in the area, the company said in a statement.

The LNG terminal was built as a joint project with Skangass’ major customer Preem. LNG from the terminal will also be delivered to other land based industries by truck as well as to the marine clients. About 85 million euros (close to 700 million NOK) has been invested in the terminal.

Using natural gas in Preem’s refinery in Lysekil processes will lead to a reduction of the annual emission of carbon dioxide by approximately 130 000 ton, the statement said.

“The natural gas will replace naphtha and butane as raw material in the hydrogen production. A large amount of hydrogen is used in the processes among others for removal of sulphur and cracking in the diesel production,” says Petter Holland, CEO in Preem.

The CEO of Skangass, Tor Morten Osmundsen said, “Our customer Preem and the LNG terminal in Lysekil is just another good example of what Skangass is aiming at: helping our customers meeting their goals for becoming more energy efficient and environmentally friendly in their daily operations.”


Press Release, October 20, 2014; Image: Gasum