SKF hired for condition monitoring of BP’s UK assets

BP’s Glen Lyon FPSO; Image: SKF

SKF has signed a three-year, multi-million-pound contract with BP to supply condition monitoring services to its UK offshore assets.

SKF said on Tuesday that the contract included collecting data from a range of rotating equipment ā€“ including fans, motors, and generators ā€“ as well as providing analytics, reports, and recommendations to better inform BPā€™s decisions around the efficient and effective use of equipment.

According to the company, just one percent of offshore operators use the vast volume of data they collect to aid their decision-making process.

Ian Peverill, head of service at SKF, said: “Using accurate data to drive decision-making and avoid repeat issues is good for our clients and the industry as a whole. Ultimately, this helps drive out waste and increases reliability.

“Recently, our technology was able to detect the underlying cause of bearing vibration and provide recommendations to prevent failure of a critical motor. Our data analytics software can even propose alternative solutions that would be longer-lasting and better suited to the conditions.”

While the agreement between BP and SKF covers a defined equipment list, SKF can also supply non-routine services to BP on demand ā€“ such as electric motor monitoring, or dynamic balancing of rotating equipment.

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