Photo: QC2000 Nodule Collector (Photo: SMD)

SMD unveils deep-water nodule collector

Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) has developed a new nodule collection solution for deep waters.

The UK-based underwater technology developer says the QC2000 nodule collector will maximise productivity and minimise impact to the seabed and the surrounding environment.

QC2000 Nodule Collector (Photo: SMD)
QC2000 Nodule Collector (Photo: SMD)

Vessel productivity up to 1000Te per hour is achievable with the least impact philosophy, SMD stated.

We have been supplying subsea vehicles for deep water seabed construction and inspection for over 30 years”, said Graeme Walker, SMD’s business development manager.

This knowledge & experience has been fundamental in the development of the QC2000 including the mix of high power / deep water technology with least impact seabed collection and processing“.

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