Software Start-Up Invests in Aberdeen Base

Xergy, the startup company aiming to revolutionise resourcing in the energy industry, has invested £120k in opening an office in Aberdeen with plans to recruit an additional 15 employees.

Photo: Ross Johnston / Newsline Media

Led by industry stalwarts, James McCallum and Colin Manson, Xergy has moved into Rubislaw Terrace in the city’s west end, after a major renovation and fit-out.

The building should accommodate Xergy’s growing workforce as well as providing a “hub” for freelancers and contractors to work remotely and flexibly.

The company behind Proteus, a digital platform that aims to solve one of the most pressing problems facing the upstream oil and gas sector, is already recruiting for an office and operations manager, a product manager a technology director and four people for its technical support team.

Proteus is a cloud-based work management system that allows companies to find the right people for projects as and when they are needed. According to the company, it will transform the way in which the industry sources and uses talent to resource and deliver projects.

A software platform, with an ERP system at its heart, Proteus facilitates working remotely within a working environment. This, in turn, will greatly increase efficiency by removing fixed overheads and needless cost and improve utilisation rates and project management, while reducing the carbon emission from commuting and travelling.

Business development manager, Carole Innes, explained: “Proteus can help the upstream oil and gas industry transform itself to suit the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s workforce.

“Research has shown that the brightest talent is now looking for greater flexibility with the ability to work when they want and where they want. Offering remote working for the expert consultants and freelancers registered with Proteus at our new office in Aberdeen will provide a workstation for an indeterminate period to see them through a project, or just a desk between meetings, in an environment conducive to collaboration. By opening up the Xergy office to our ‘marketplace’ of talent, we will provide them with an opportunity to network alongside other industry experts and share ideas, specialist knowledge and expertise.”

Xergy believes Proetus has the potential to capture a large share of the oil and gas gig economy, worth £9.6 billion, and a portion of the £3.9 billion oil and gas ERP (enterprise and resource planning) market.

Chief executive of Xergy, Colin Manson, said: “The ERP system within Proteus connects all the key workflows used by most oil and gas companies. The systems integrate seamlessly and are accessed through an interface designed to simplify every workflow, but the added dimension is the talent pool within it which connects companies with the best suited freelance contractors for the job.

“By adopting Proteus, as a new way of operating, the working culture in oil and gas can be truly transformed. Our new office in Aberdeen is inspired by this concept and set up to offer a creative, collaborative and flexible environment.”