South Korea to Raise Sunken Sewol Ferry

The government of South Korea plans to raise the sunken Sewol ferry which took more than 300 lives in an incident that happened a year ago.

The Sewol ferry was en route from Incehon to the island of Jeju when it started sinking with over 400 people on board, most of them being high school students.

A year after the incident nine people remain missing, which yielded to pressure from mourning families who have called for a deeper investigation into the disaster, Reuters reports.

The government expects the work on raising the 6,800-tonne vessel could begin in September and last for 18 months.

Thousands of people and families of the victims protested across the country, which culminated last week when they prevented the government officials from attending a memorial ceremony to mark the first anniversary of the tragedy.

Relatives of the victims said the salvage plan was too late in coming.

Subsea World News Staff; Image:  South Korea Coast Guard