South-North corridor TSOs publish Gas Regional Investment Plan

South-North corridor TSOs publish GRIP 2014-2023

The Gas Transmission System Operators (TSOs) of the South – North Corridor Region have released the second edition of their Gas Regional Investment Plan (SNC GRIP 2014-2023), in line with Art. 12(1) of the Regulation (EC) No 715/2009. SNC GRIP provides an updated and detailed overview of the gas hubs in the Region as well as the existing and planned Regional infrastructure.

The plan also assesses demand, supply and capacity developments and identifies current and future investment needs in the SNC Region. The Region covers 5 countries (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland) and involves 9 TSOs (Fluxys Belgium S.A., GRTgaz, Fluxys Tenp GmbH, terranets bw GmbH and Open Grid Europe GmbH, Snam Rete Gas S.p.A. and Infrastrutture Trasporto Gas S.p.A., Swissgas and FluxSwiss Sagl).

In this 2nd SNC GRIP, which has been jointly coordinated by Fluxys Belgium S.A. and Snam Rete Gas S.p.A., special attention has been paid to stakeholder feedback on the first edition of the plan. In this edition several enhancements have been introduced, and in particular:

  • A deeper study of demand components, including future trends, additional gas hub information, and an analysis of the relevant Interconnection Points in the Region;
  • The inclusion of two completely new sections: a first one regarding power generation, and a second one related to simulations and network modeling studies tailored on South-North Corridor evolutions.

Paolo Mosa, CEO of Italy’s Snam Rete Gas said: “This Gas Regional Investment Plan is confirming the positive cooperation among TSOs positioned along the South-North Corridor and interconnecting major European gas hubs. This transmission axis, running at the core of the internal gas market, will be developed by projects making available bidirectional capacities, increasing the flexibility of the European grid and enhancing the security of supply of the European market.”

Walter Peeraer, CEO of Fluxys Belgium commented: “The TSOs of the South-North Corridor Region operate a vital part of the European gas infrastructure to create a genuine internal market. With the publication of our Gas Regional Investment Plan we lay out our plans for strengthening this key backbone. Providing bidirectional flows is at the heart of the plan as it will strengthen diversification and security of supply, boost market liquidity and make the Southern Gas Corridor deliver its full potential for Europe.”


Press Release, August 5, 2014; Image: ENTSOG

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