Spanish Cargo Ship Luno Splits off French Coast

A Spanish general cargo ship Luno, split in two yesterday and sank after slamming into a seawall off the southern coast of France, near Bayonne, Reuters informs.

Spanish Cargo Ship Luno Splits off French Coast

The vessel was experiencing engine problem since it left the port, and additional problem was caused by the strong winds, which were blowing almost 110km/h.

According to local rescue services, a dozen of crew members were rescued with two helicopters, among them one injured.

Local maritime authorities pronounced pollution alert since there is an oil spill around the vessel, but Patrick Dallennes, a local government prefect, said for Reuters that the pollution was limited.

There were some speculations that the vessel was transporting fertilizers, but according to new information, the cargo hold was empty.


World Maritime News Staff, February 6, 2014