SRBPP Workshop Series Start

Two public meetings on the Sacramento River Bank Protection Project (SRBPP) have been successfully held in West Sacramento and Colusa, CA.

A series of four workshops have been scheduled to inform and seek comments from the public on the SRBPP, a joint flood risk reduction effort between the district and the state’s California Central Valley Flood Protection Board to repair critical erosion sites along the Sacramento River and its tributaries.

The SRBPP plan describes potential methods of erosion repair work for up to 80,000 linear feet of riverbank along the Sacramento River system and its tributaries.

Public involvement is an important and required element of the environmental review process. The release of the Sacramento River Bank Protection Project (SRBPP) Draft Environmental Impact Statement/ Environmental Impact Report (EIS/EIR) is not only a major milestone, but also a critical point for public review and involvement that is carefully guided by state and federal regulations.

SRBPP Workshop Serie

Two more meetings are to be held to allow people to have their say on the project, one on Wednesday, January 28th 2015, and another on Wednesday, February 4th 2015.


Source: USACE