GSP Uranus rig and Antares vessel; Source: Trillion Energy

Stage set for next phase of multi-well drilling program offshore Türkiye

Canada’s oil and gas player Trillion Energy has provided an update on past and upcoming activities relating to the second set of operations it plans to perform at a natural gas field in the Black Sea off the coast of Türkiye.

GSP Uranus rig and Antares vessel; Source: Trillion Energy

According to the Canadian firm, this portion of work on its SASB natural gas field started on June 28 and is set to last until July 13. This is the second set of operations taking place on the Akçakoca platform following activities in June, which were estimated to require 20 days. The platform includes Guluc-2, South Akcakoca-2, West Akcakoca-1, and Akcakoca-3 wells, drilled using the Uranus jack-up rig.

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Trillion explained that the wellhead was installed forming the basis of the firm’s well control system, followed by the attachment of the blowout preventer (BOP) to it. This ensures well control by preventing the uncontrolled flow of fluids, or blowouts, during the perforation process, especially in high-pressure wells, helping maintain the integrity and safety of the well during operations.

After lowering the BOP stack on the wellhead and aligning it to the wellhead, pressure control equipment (PCE), including lubricators and control equipment, was connected to the top of the BOP stack to manage well pressure and ensure safe tool handling during wireline or coiled tubing operations.

Following the installation of the BOP, a PCE pressure test was performed in preparation for the dummy string run, which was carried out to ensure the integrity and proper function of the setup before actual operations started. This process included sealing the system, applying pressure, inspecting for leaks, and verifying the functionality of all components.

Rig up (R/U) wireline and PCE wireline equipment arrived at the Akçakoca platform, which the firm deemed as a milestone in the SASB work program as these tools are essential for perforating additional gas pay and optimizing natural gas production.

PCE wireline; Source: Trillion Energy

The team took delivery of perforating-shaped charge explosives (PSIL), which were to be transported to the Akçakoca platform. These high explosives are used for creating holes or perforations in the casing, cement, and formation rock, allowing reservoir fluids to flow into the wellbore. 

Welltec tractors arrived at Istanbul Airport and were expected to clear customs shortly after arrival, with transport to the Akçakoca platform scheduled for July 6. These wireline-deployed robotic devices enhance the ability to conduct various downhole operations safely and efficiently.

As for the activities ahead, rigging up Welltec tractors on the Akçakoca platform and preparing perforation guns are on the agenda. As part of the firm’s perforation program, operation and run in hole (RIH) for the South Akçakoca-2  perforation will be attempted despite the bad weather predicted. The first and second perforations are scheduled to take place at Guluc-2 and West Akcakoca-1, as well as perforation at Akçakoca-3, while the wireline unit is planned to be rigged down.

Akçakoca platform; Source: Trillion Energy

In 2023, Trillion disclosed its intention to add three sidetrack wells to the SASB development, bringing the number of wells to 20. The company undertook a work program to optimize production at the field to ensure all six previously drilled and completed wells would be producing concurrently on a managed basis.
As the Canadian player intends to drill five new sidetracked production wells from existing platforms at SASB this year, the number of producing wells will rise to 11.