No oil at Brugdan II well (Faroe Islands)

Statoil has announced that drilling of the Brugdan II Re-Entry well in the licence 006 offshore the Faroe Islands has concluded. The well will now be plugged and abandoned.

No oil at Brugdan II well (Faroe Islands)

The drilling rig West Hercules will now start drilling on the Sula/Stelkur well in the Faroe Islands. It was drilled to 4542 meters and resulted in a dry well.

The well is located 130 km offshore the Faroe Islands and was respudded in May 2014. It was drilled using the West Hercules semi-submersible rig in a water depth of 450 meters.

This is the second exploration well that has been drilled in licence 006 which covers an area of approximately 579 square kilometres.

The well was drilled to 4542 meters and drilling was operationally challenging. No hydrocarbons were found in the intervals drilled and the well will be now plugged and abandoned.

Brugdan is a large four-way dip closure in the Tertiary that was previously drilled in 2006 by the 6104/21-1 well. Neither well encountered the Vaila Sandstone target.

Statoil has been in the Faroe Islands since 2000 and holds a significant acreage position with four operated licences. The licences are basalt-covered and target multiple and diverse plays.

Partners in licence 006 are: Statoil 35% (operator), ExxonMobil 49%, OMV 15% and Atlantic Petroleum 1%.

West Hercules will now move on to licence 008 in the Faroe Islands, where Statoil also is operator, to drill the Sula/Stelkur well.

June 27, 2014


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