Statoil: Seabed Template to Help Recover 10 MBOE from New Fram Field

Statoil Seabed Template to Help Recover 10 mboe from Fram H North

Together with its partners, Statoil is recovering approx. 10 million barrels of oil equivalent through the construction of a seabed template on the Fram H North structure.

The seabed template is connected to the A2 template on Fram West, which transports production on to the Troll C platform. Fram H North is the tenth fast-track project in Statoil’s portfolio.

“This project, which is one of the smallest fast-track developments on the Norwegian continental shelf, was made possible by means of standard solutions and fast-track principles to reduce time and costs,” says Halfdan Knudsen, project manager for field development in Statoil.

“The development of this field may be a door opener for new developments in the area as the licence partners have approved the installation of a 4-slot standard template to be used for additional targets or for tying back prospects in the event of discoveries. We’re excited about our continuing progress and optimistic with regard to what we’ll get out of this,” adds Knudsen.

Provisional estimates indicate that the field contains recoverable reserves of roughly 10 million barrels of oil equivalent. The installation of all the seabed equipment and laying of pipelines and control cables is planned for the summer of 2013. Drilling, which is due to start in the fourth quarter of 2013, will involve a well with two branches for the optimal draining of proven reservoir.

The project has been important for Fram operations in maintaining a high temperature in the flowline to the host platform, Troll C. In this way Statoil avoids using scale wax inhibitors in the pipelines between Fram and Troll C. It also secures the production of oil and gas from acreage where there are considerable supplementary resources. Fram H North is planned to come on stream in the third quarter 2014.

Press Release, October 18, 2012