Stena Drilling in push to decarbonise exploration drilling

Offshore drilling contractor Stena Drilling has entered into a strategic framework agreement for decarbonisation exploration with the UK-based dCarbonX to support the development of offshore “geoenergy” resources.

Stena IceMax drillship; Source: Stena Drilling

Both parties are interested in offshore decarbonisation exploration drilling as a new, innovative, and sustainable enabler of the energy transition, Stena Drilling explained in a statement on Wednesday.

The companies will work together to engineer solutions to discover and develop subsurface assets for combinations of geothermal energy, molecular energy storage, and carbon sequestration.

Erik Ronsberg, CEO of Stena Drilling said: “We’re pleased to sign an agreement with dCarbonX to advance our journey in the Energy Transition. This innovative partnership dovetails well with the work Stena is doing in sustainability, research into cleaner fuels and emissions reduction.

“By employing the skills that our company has built up over the years and utilising our drilling units to explore for geothermal energy, CO2 and other gas storage locations which dCarbonX have identified, we will be able to play a positive part as the first “Decarbonisation Exploration Driller” working towards a low carbon future”.

Tony O’Reilly, CEO of dCarbonX, said: “Stena Drilling is the obvious strategic partner for our future offshore Decarbonisation Exploration activities given its world-class fleet of modern drillships and semi-submersible offshore drilling units.

“Stena’s corporate commitment and demonstrated track record in safety, environmental stewardship and innovation are further compelling reasons for this partnership. We look forward to working with Stena on delivering our exciting forward programme of GeoEnergy projects”.

dCarbonX has also recently entered into a strategic framework agreement for decarbonisation exploration with AGR’s Well Management business unit.

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The scope covers supporting dCarbonX in the development of geoenergy resources. This includes carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS) and geothermal and hydrogen storage covering dCarbonX’s planned operated projects in the United Kingdom & Ireland.