Steriwave Patents Its Subsea Methane Hydrate Capture and Removal System (UK)

GDT TEK, Inc. today announced that its 50% owned subsidiary Steriwave-GDT Tek has filed a patent application for a system that safely removes and captures methane hydrates from undersea reserves.

The main design of the Steriwave-GDT Tek subsea open pit drilling/extraction concept is to provide maximized safety versus environmental issues. Methane hydrates, which form at low temperature and high pressure, are found in sea-floor sediments and the arctic permafrost. They can be scattered through several-hundred-meter depths and at various concentrations. Some believe there is enough methane in the form of hydrates methane locked in ice to supply energy for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years.

Bo Linton, President of GDT TEK stated, “Although we are trying to be 100% renewable in energy production, I believe our World is still many decades if not centuries away from becoming completely independent from fossil fuels. The good news is that natural gas derived from Methane Hydrates can certainly give the USA and low oil producing countries some independence from Middle East oil. GDT Tek is working hard to help make the US energy economy sustainable if not totally renewable. Our UK Partner Steriwave- GDT Tek is on the front lines of making extracting these elusive methane hydrates a major fuel source for the Worlds’ future energy demands.”

Mr. Linton further stated, “We plan to air a GDT Tek webinar on Aug 23, I will answer questions and give an update on the Company’s progress and future plans.


Source: prnewswire, August 16, 2011

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