Stockholm Norvik Port

Stockholm Norvik Port opens for business

Stockholm Norvik Port, Sweden’s newest major port, has opened on time and on budget despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Image courtesy: Stockholm Norvik Port

The entire Stockholm Norvik Port is now operational, with a container terminal that opened in May and a RoRo terminal that opened in November.

“Now that all of Stockholm Norvik Port is finally completed, we can offer substantially greater capacity and opportunities for our customers to grow. We can also offer our customers improved service in the form of greater possibilities to store and transfer cargo, as well as eco-efficient alternatives to transport goods to and from Stockholm,” explains Johan Wallén, Chief Commercial Officer at Ports of Stockholm.

Stockholm Norvik Port provides Ports of Stockholm with increased capacity for more and larger vessels. More goods can therefore be transported directly to the Stockholm region, where half of Sweden’s consumption takes place. If imported goods arrive directly in the Stockholm region by ship, instead of arriving at ports in the south of Sweden, congestion is eased on the busy roads and railways.

Construction of Stockholm Norvik Port started in 2016, with more than 200 contractors were involved in the project. The entire port cost SEK 3.8 billion.

Stockholm Norvik Port covers 44 hectares and is located 50 km south of Stockholm. The port consists of two parts. One part of the port is the container terminal that replaces the CTF container terminal at Frihamnen Port. The container terminal is operated by Hutchison Ports, one of the world’s largest container terminal operators, with 52 ports in 27 countries. The other part of the port is a RoRo terminal for rolling goods that is operated by Ports of Stockholm.